Wood-burning in classic spaces.

The Uptown’s clean design and moderate size offer endless possibilities for style and expression. 

The built-in guillotine door and screen glide smoothly on vertical rails using bearings and duo counterweights. The same fluid motion is used in a tilt-forward system for easy cleaning and servicing. Both the guillotine and tilt-forward systems simplify loading, operation, and maintenance while providing safety to those wanting the experience of a 600 in2 view of a beautiful, open, crackling fire.

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The Uptown 600 - Wood-burning in classic spaces.

The Uptown 600 - Wood-burning in urban spaces

Technical specs

Outside Dimensions

44 5/8" x 56 5/8" x 28 1/4"

Door opening size

36 7/8" W x 26 1/8" H

Glass viewing size

28 1/2" W x 20 3/8" H

General Specifications

Chimney size


HRS (Heat Recovery System)

Included with fireplace.

Touch-up Paint

Stove Bright Metallic Black

The Uptown 600


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