Technical specs

Outside Dimensions

70 3/8"W x 66 3/8"H x 28 3/4"D

Shipping Weight

1,131 lbs

Shipping Crate Size

70 1/4"W x 69 1/2"H x 32 1/2"D

Door Opening Size

50 7/16"W x 19 7/8"H

Glass Viewing Size

45 7/8"W x 15 3/8"H

Firebox Dimensions

44 1/2"W x 14"D

Chimney Size

10" RIS

Minimum Chimney Height

12’ (more with elbows)

Touch-up Paint

Stove Bright Metallic Black

Maximum Fuel Load

4-5 medium logs

Maximum Log Length

24” maximum

Gas Log Provision


HRS (Heat Recovery System)

Included with fireplace,
Two 10" dia. outlet ducts – 5' length
Two 10" dia. inlet ducts – 5' length

HRS Grills

Four 13 1/2" x 6" wall grills (included)

Mobile Home Approved



Outside Air

4", meets R2000 (FO-INT)

HRS extensions

EO-DUCT = 5’ outlet extension
EO-CID = 5’ inlet extension

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Electricity required