The technology behind what makes the Renaissance Rumford™ burn so cleanly has remained a secret since its inception.  Now you can follow the links below to see all of the aspects that contribute to our final emission numbers.

How it Works

Count Rumford knew his stuff: we found that classic Rumford firebox proportions produced a vertical fire which concentrated hot combustion gasses while at the same time radiated heat back through the firebox for a hotter fire. Find the fascinating history of Count Rumford on our Rumford Fireplace History page.

Rumford vs Conventional

A Rumford fireplace will produce a beautiful fire with more heat on a smaller wood load. The result is a spectacular flame that burns bright and clean.

Keep your home tight

Prevent heat loss

Preventing heat being lost from your home is just as important as heating it. Renaissance Fireplace doors seal tightly to prevent hot air escaping up your chimney and our optional Chimney Top Damper seals off the chimney top; preventing smells, air infiltration, and heat loss.

A better chimney system

Renaissance Fireplaces® is certified only with Model RIS chimney. Model RIS is a stainless steel chimney system with blanket insulation. It is engineered to withstand multiple chimney fires. As the only large diameter chimney with a lifetime replacement warranty, Model RIS is insulated rather than air cooled. This keeps cold air out and improves draft.